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Murakami Samui the art resort special edition 1
Chapter 1 |  The Passage | The X2 | The Muang Kulaypan
During August 2010 we accompanied Ms. Julia Murakami to some of the finest resorts on Koh Samui. This is the first chapter of Murakami Samui, a special edition of the art resort, bringing together fine art and fine places. The hosting venues offered Ms. Murakami the chance to work on her ongoing project, The Japanese Guerilla Paparazzi and we tried to cover both, the participating resorts and the artistic work in progress. More pictures will be added over time before we go back for chapter 2.
We hope you enjoy this travelogue in progress as much as we did making it.
We like to thank with all our heart the staff members of The Passage , The X2 and The Muang Kulaypan. Without your help there would be no Murakami Samui.
enjoy the special from the start