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Julia Murakami
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Julia Murakami

Julia Murakami, not least known through her visionary role and presence at Directors Lounge events, is an artist whose work runs the gamut between the gory and the guileless, juxtaposing beauty in historical and contemporary iconic forms with visions of violence, both explicit and implicit. Her work employs a plethora of media and often results in an unsettling search for balance between mutually repelling poles. (1)


Julia Murakami was born in Luzern, Switzerland and spent her childhood in Japan, Spain and in the United States before settling in Germany. Her passion for the arts sprouted at an early age and blossomed in adolescence when she discovered writing and photography, her love for performing and creating images has made the fine arts an inevitable choice for a career. Since moving to Berlin in the early 90’s she has immersed herself in many aspects of sculpture, installation and site specific work. She is currently supervising a wild bunch of 1500 Japanese Guerilla Paparazzi running around the globe.

Julia Murakami is represented by A&O gallery

(1) Kenton Turk